Pressure Washing in Orange County CA

Pressure Washing in Orange County CA

Professional Pressure Washing for All Applications

pressure washingYour home is your biggest investment. There is no better way to keep that investment looking its best than with professional pressure washing. Since 1987, Pacific Carpet Cleaners and Restoration has been helping homeowners stay on top of their pressure washing needs, and we wish to extend the same offer to you.

Pressure Washing – What Can be Done?

Many homeowners think pressure washing is only done to driveways. While a freshly pressure washed driveway gives a bright and warming welcome to your home, there are other applications where pressure washing can prove useful, such as:pressure washing• Patios and Decks: If you have a patio or deck, make it look its best with pressure washing. Even if your deck is made of a softer wood, our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to pressure wash your deck properly without harming the wood.• Pavers: Many homes have walkways or driveways constructed with paver style bricks. Over time, these pavers can become blackened with dirt and mold. Nothing brings them back to life better than pressure washing.• Home Exterior: Using the proper setting, it is possible to pressure wash the exterior of your home without damaging the paint. This will help your home’s exterior look clean and bright and may even make you think twice before you decide to repaint the outside of your home.• Roof and Gutters: Your roof can also be pressure washed regardless of whether it is made of asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, or even Spanish barrel tiles. Again, the right pressure makes all the difference. We can even help you keep your gutters uncluttered and working optimally by applying a light pressure wash.

Pressure Washing – Know What You Are Getting

Many pressure washing services charge by the job regardless of the job’s specifics. At Pacific Carpet Cleaners and Restoration, we do things on a case by case basis. We always give free and accurate estimates before any work is done so you know beforehand exactly to expect. You don’t have to wonder which areas of your home can be safely pressure washed. The pros at Pacific Carpet Cleaners and Restoration will come out and show you what we can do.

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