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I know it’s just my imagination, but my car always seems to drive better when it’s freshly washed. That’s especially true if the interior looks clean and spiffy.

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Keeping a car’s interior in good shape is not just an investment in the vehicle, it’s an easy way to rev up the quality of everyday life.

Here are tips for keeping your car’s carpet and upholstery in tiptop shape, gleaned from our researchers’ interviews with highly rated auto experts:

Basic care

  • Don’t allow smoking; it leaves a nasty residue and odor.
  • Clean spills immediately. Dilute with cool — not hot — water. Blot excess with a clean rag or paper towel.
  • Vacuum dirt and debris regularly.
  • Deep-clean fabric upholstery and carpet. Mix a cup of vinegar and some dish soap in a gallon of hot water. Use a hard-bristle brush to work into fibers. Let sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing with water and blotting dry.
  • Clean leather with a cloth soaked in water and a low-pH soap. Allow to thoroughly dry. Condition to prevent drying and cracking.
  • Clean vinyl upholstery with a damp rag and baking soda. Rinse with water and dish soap. Avoid using oil- or mineral-based cleaners, which can make vinyl stiff.
  • Shampoo upholstery and carpet every three months or more.
  • Have the interior detail-cleaned every year or so.

Special situations

Stubborn stains: Some fabric or carpet stains that remain even after initial cleaning can be broken up with glass cleaner. First, test an inconspicuous area to be sure it won’t create damage. Then, saturate area with glass cleaner, let sit for five minutes and blot to clean.

Ink: After testing a hidden area for possible damage, coat stain with hair spray. Allow it to absorb for a few minutes, then wipe off. Repeat as needed.

Blood: Make a paste of cold water and powdered laundry detergent. Apply to the stain until dry, then brush or vacuum all excess detergent.

Faded carpet: For non-wool carpet, try ammonia. First, vacuum thoroughly. Then, mix half a cup of ammonia and a pint of water and mop into the carpeting. Blot any excess.

Carpet or fabric indentation: Cover the mark with a damp towel. Gently iron towel with an iron set on low. To avoid melting fibers, don’t use a hot iron and don’t leave in one spot for too long.

Hiring a pro

Many businesses provide detailed interior and exterior cleaning. Others specialize in repairing or replacing carpet and upholstery, and can fix or upgrade seats, trim, sagging or loose headliners, convertible tops, vinyl roof covers, dashboards, door panels and other vehicle elements.

Some auto detailing shops also provide upholstery services. And many carpet and upholstery businesses will also work on vehicles.

Before you hire someone, consider these tips:

Ask about experience with your type of project. Even within the automotive upholstery field, professionals may specialize in one particular type, such as convertible tops.

Review the company’s portfolio. Before and after photos can you give you a good idea of the service provider’s skills and an idea of how your final project will appear.

Ask friends or family members for recommendations. Check how the company rates on a trusted online review site.

Visit the shop. This is a good idea if you plan to leave your vehicle for more than one day. Is the shop clean and organized? Does it have adequate lighting and security?

Our company offers safe and effective upholstery cleaning too in Orange County. We can spot clean and pre-condition your upholstery to make sure that it looks clean and attractive. Our technicians have the right tools and cleaning supplies to work on all types of upholstery without causing any damages. We can get rid of stains, pet hair, and more.

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