Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services, Orange County, CA


Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services in Orange County, ca

Dust and grime particles stay on upholstered surfaces and with time merge with traces of oil and grease, causing the growth of dust molds and other annoying things deep within the niches of your upholstery and furniture, this could be harmful for the health of your upholstery, furnishing, as well as you!

Regular upholstery cleaning, including cleaning your sofa, cushions, dining chairs, pillows or even car seats, regardless of the covering fabric, is very important.

We at Pacific Upholstery Cleaning, make sure to use the safest available cleaning products to enhance the life of your upholstery and control ailments like allergies & asthma in your family.




RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL UPHOLSTERY CLEANINGAll upholstery will be meticulously evaluated prior to cleaning to determine what types of cleaning methods are appropriate for your fabric. Pacific deals with stains and spots of all nature by applying their thorough upholstery cleaning methods to achieve the best possible results.




imageDUST FREE UPHOLSTERYimageThe majority of upholstered furniture can be cleaned using Hot Water Extraction machines. Finite control over temperature, water pressure and vacuum enable us to match cleaning to materials and dirt levels.

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