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Complete Carpet Cleaning

Quality Residential Carpet, Rug and Floor Cleaners

Rest assured that Pacific’s unparalleled cleaning service is going to rejuvenate your home’s interior. From that staircase to the T.V. room, we are eager to show you the Pacific Carpet Cleaning feel. We are dedicated to providing the best and most complete carpet cleaning, from a basic carpet steam cleaning to removing those seemingly impossible spots.

Our Cleaning Process

1. Pre spray with soil lifting detergent

Our industry leading carpet cleaning detergent is specifically formulated to work effectively on the type of soils unique to the Orange County, CA region.

1a. Sanitizing agent application

This is our elite odor fighting process. This is an optional service and will not be applied to all jobs.

2. Pre spotting formulation

Whether you’ve spilled maple syrup in Orange County we have the spot remover specific to your removal needs.

3. Carpet steam cleaning

To complete the carpet cleaning process your carpet will be thoroughly rinsed with filtered and conditioned hot steam, leaving your carpet softer, cleaner, and better performing.

Common Carpet Stain Cleaning

Pet & Urine Stain Removal

Often times, deodorization is necesary to eliminate all traces of urine, dog, cat or other household pet smells, however these odors may continue to reappear unless the problem is treated at its source. If that source can be traced back to your carpets, which often times is the case, Pacific Carpet Cleaning offers solutions for all of Orange County and the surrounding midwest.

Extreme Dirt & Mud Cleaning

Whether it’s sand from the beaches of White Bear lake, or mud from Orange County CA is a playground for dirt tracks throughout your home’s carpet. Given the territory, Pacific has the experience and tools to locate and eliminate dirt stains on your carpet.

Wine Stain Clensing

Nothing feels worse than knocking a glass of liquid all of your floor. Luckily, Pacific has unsurpassed experience penetrating the core of your carpet to elimiate all traces of the stain.

Blood and Fluid Spot Removal

These don’t mix well with any fabric, especialy carpeting. If you’ve ever dealt with Blood and Body Fluids, you are most likely aware of the special challenges a cleaner is faced with. With Pacific’s highly trained carpet cleaners, however, the experience, skill and sharp eye necesary to successfuly remove all traces goes unsurpassed.

Other Spots & Stains

It’s true, Pacific’s professionaly trained carpet cleaners can restore the freshness back into your home, regardless of the type, severity and quantity of stains your carpet contains.

Call on Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Orange County CA  (949) 545-5205   www.pacificcarpetcleaning.net

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