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Keeping Restaurant Carpet Professionally Cleaned Is Good For Business (Orange County)

restaurant carpet cleaning

Restaurants spend hours cleaning cooking surfaces, counter tops, and customer seating areas. One area that can be neglected over time is flooring.


Employees can mop and vacuum floors multiple times a day but, as months go by, accumulated grease and dirt can build up, especially if staff have frequent spills. A dingy, dirty carpet can make customers feel like the whole restaurant is unclean.

Professional Services

By bringing a professional carpet cleaning service in on a regular basis, a restaurant can keep build-up at a minimum, removing dirt and debris and keeping floors looking brand new. Restaurants may not even realize how dingy carpeting has become over the years until a professional service cleans it up. Customers notice, though, and that first impression could lead guests to assume that a restaurant may be neglecting other areas of operations, as well.

Many Orange County restaurants rely on Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Orange County for their carpet cleaning needs. Using a special cleaning method, our professional team safely and efficiently removes dirt and freshens carpet during the hours the restaurant is closed, avoiding a costly interruption in operations. When regularly scheduled, this cleaning can keep dirt at bay, giving a restaurant a freshly-cleaned look on an ongoing basis.

Cleaning Process

The first step of the restaurant carpet cleaning process is to use a scrub to remove surface debris. Step two is to remove deep dirt by using an extract. Our cleaning technicians specialize in the unique needs of restaurant carpeting, using a chemical specifically designed to handle restaurant carpeting.

Restaurant carpeting has its own challenges, not only because of the degree of damage food does on a daily basis, but because tables, chairs, and booths often must be moved out of the way to facilitate the cleaning process. The first-time cleaning can be extensive, especially if a restaurant has not previously had a cleaning. To maintain carpeting and prevent future needs for heavy-duty cleaning service, most professional cleaning services recommend restaurants have monthly carpet cleaning.

Special Pricing

We offer competitive pricing on restaurant carpet cleaning, helping restaurants stay within budget. To help restaurants enjoy the many benefits of a regular deep cleaning, we are currently offering a discounted rate for those who sign up carpet cleaning. Services can be done in coordination with each other to save a restaurant time and money.

Pacific current cleaning many restaurant Carpets and Tile Floors in Orange County and Los Angeles CA.


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