Special Care Needed for Cleaning Oriental Rugs, Orange County CA

Special Care Needed for Cleaning Oriental Rugs, Orange County CAarea-rug-cleaning Orange County CA

Oriental rugs are only seen in homes where the rugs are important to those living there. Some are handed down from parents or grandparents. Others are specifically chosen to enhance the beauty of a home. These rugs receive a goodly amount of traffic. They can become dirty and worn quickly. Restoring patterns and colors of Oriental rugs to their original beauty should be left to trained professionals.

Reasons for Enlisting Professional Rug Cleaners

Professional rug cleaners provide a gentle, effective process that is powerful, yet soft. The unique drying technique minimizes wicking and preserves the dye within the rug fibers. The colors remain vibrant and fresh as the day the rug was purchased.
Certified specialists handle and clean Oriental rugs. Before beginning the cleaning process, technicians assess the rug to evaluate and implement the best cleaning process. Centuries old Middle East processes are followed.

The experts perform a thorough evaluation when determining the most effective and safest method for restoring and cleaning valuable rugs. The technicians are trained in cleaning solutions, equipment, and processes so that they can appropriately identify the best way to care for your Oriental rug.
The cleaning products they use do not leave a dirt-attracting residue behind. Your Oriental rugs will stay clean for a long time. Technicians treat rugs so that they can withstand mishaps and spills of everyday life.

Gentle Washing is required for Fine Textiles

Oriental rugs are more than beautiful treasures. They are valuable investments. A great deal of attention to detail and care must be taken when cleaning an Oriental rug. The basic elements of naturally carbonated water and air are utilized. Special equipment and tools, designed for area rugs, are used.

Extreme caution is taken when cleaning Oriental rugs. The labels are read to determine the materials used to make the rug. Knowing the materials helps ensure proper cleaning techniques are used. The process includes pre-spraying, gently submerging the rug in a bath, expert cleaning of the fringe and drying the rug.

Specific Types of Oriental Rugs

Maintaining the cleanliness of your Oriental rug is essential to its beauty. Wool is used in making the majority of Oriental rugs. Rugs made from wool are the easiest to clean. Mercerized cotton rugs are shiny like silk but are made from treated cotton. Cleaning a cotton rug is similar in process to cleaning wool rugs. Particular attention must be paid to ensure dyes in the fabric do not bleed.

Silk rugs are more expensive than wool and are not as durable. Attempting to clean them on your own could lead to disaster. Here’s a little secret. A rayon rug is highly stain-resistant. It comes clean easily, but rayon rugs are not real Oriental rugs. We can keep that between us.
Things that must be taken into consideration when cleaning an Oriental rug include:

•Hand Dyeing
•High Value
•Previous Damage
•Washed or Painted Finishes

Damaged, high value, antique rugs are delicate and should be cleaned by a professional.

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