Stripping (removing) Floor Finish From VCT Floors in Orange County, ca


This video shows step by step, how to strip or remove from finish from VCT floors. Removing floor finish is without a doubt the most difficult task in floor care. This video shows the following procedures:1. Mixing the floor finish stripper and neutralizer2. Needed equipment, chemicals and tools3. Floor finish stripper application4. How to use floor stripper neutralizer and to to properly neutralize the floor stripping solution from a floor5. Proper floor rinsingTo strip the floor finish from our sample floor, we used Ultra Stripper and to neutralize the stripping solution, we used Ultra Neutralizer. For the following advantage:Ultra Stripper:Fast acting, requires no dwell time Effective, removes most of the floor finish in one pass Environmentally friendly, is green certified by EcoLogo and ULE Safe to use, effective with low pH and low odor For more information contact:

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