The 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Method – Orange County CA

The 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Method – Orange County CAThe 12-Step Carpet Cleaning Course of action – Orange County CAThe 12-Step Cleaning ProcedureEvery single job undergoes the identical exacting approach to insure a quality outcome.Step 1: Pre-Inspection1 Pre-InspectionOur technician will walk via your property with you to provide a pre-inspection and evaluation of your carpets prior to cleaning. He will identify soil and put on situations, address trouble stains and address your carpet cleaning demands.Step two: Pre-Vacuum2 Pre-VacuumCarpets might be completely vacuumed utilizing a industrial vacuum cleaner to take away dry soil. Removing dry soil is among the most important methods inside the cleaning procedure.Step 3: Furniture Moving3 Furniture MovingFurnishings will meticulously be moved and replaced as required to access your carpet for cleaning. Styrofoam blocks and foil squares are going to be placed under furniture legs to protect the furnishings and carpet.Step four: Interior Protectionfour Property Interior ProtectionCorner Guards might be put in location to shield walls and baseboards. Hard surface floors will be covered as needed.Step five: Pre-Conditionfive Pre-Condition and Pre-SpotWebsite traffic locations and spots will be pre-treated for more powerful soil and spot removal.Step 6: Pre-Agitate6 Pre-AgitateCarpets might be agitated having a carpet groomer or maybe a rotary cleaning machine (for heavily soiled places) to further loosen website traffic area soil.Step 7: Steam Cleaning7 Steam Clean CarpetsWhen the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning approach will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. This will likely restore your carpets appearance and give a healthier indoor atmosphere.Step 8: Extract and Rinseeight Extract and RinseAs soon as the soil has been loosened, our state-of-the-art truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. This may restore your carpets look and present a healthier indoor atmosphere.Step 8: Spot Treatment9 Post Spot TreatmentSpots that weren’t removed during the cleaning method might be re-treated and cleaned again. Some spots are permanent stains as identified by our service technician and cannot be removed.Step 10: Speed Dryten Speed DryHigh velocity air movers are placed on the carpet just after cleaning to accelerate the drying time.Step 11: Carpet Protection11 Post Grooming and Carpet ProtectionThe carpet pile is groomed in 1 direction immediately after cleaning for quicker drying and for visual appeal. Carpet protection (out there upon request) needs to be re-applied soon after cleaning. Carpet protection will assist retain your carpet stain resistant and cleaner longer.Step 12: Post Inspection12 Post InspectionOur technician will do a final walk by means of with you to confirm you will be happy with all the results. He will point out any permanent stains or carpet circumstances of which you’ll want to be awarePacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning of Orange County, CA preforms Steam Carpet Cleaning, Tile Floor Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Marble/ Travertine Floor Polishing and our new service, Wood Floor Refinishing. Pacific Has been servicing the Orange County, ca location for over 25 years and we offer one of the most Affordable Carpet, Tile & Upholstery cleaning in Orange County and the Los Angeles location. Check out our Up-Front Pricing! Our BBB A Rating and customer references speak for themselves.Our company has over 25 years of experience within the carpet and tile cleaning industry. We deliver customers with reliable solutions for all of their carpet cleaning and tile & grout cleaning needs. Our company also offers upholstery cleaning, marble/travertine floor polishing, and wood floor refinishing services that our customers can count on. Our BBB rating is an A, and we are happy to have over 12,000 happy customers. Our customer reviews are positive, and we always believe in offering quality services. We have powerful industrial strength cleaning equipment that we use for all of our services.Carpet CleaningIf you need our carpet cleaning expertise, we are ready to assist you. We will pre-vacuum, pre-condition, and offer spot treatments so that your carpet looks as good as it did when you first bought it. Our steam extraction process is done by highly trained personal. Our technicians know what type of cleaning products and supplies should be used on each carpet or rug material. We will safely clean 1 room of carpet or an entire house or building full. We understand the importance of having clean and deodorized carpets to assist your building look its best.

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