The Myth that Professional Carpet Cleaning is Expensive in Orange County CA

The Myth that Professional Carpet Cleaning is Expensive in Orange County CA

Simply put, having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis is a smart way to prolong the life of one of the biggest investments in your home.

Some folks think that professional carpet cleaning is just too expensive, that they don’t need it, and that it is not worth it.

They are wrong.

How much money did you invest in your carpeting?

Chances are you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on your carpet and installation. You probably don’t want to go through that process again anytime soon.

The best ways to prolong the life of your carpet are regular vacuuming and regular professional cleaning.

A quality professional carpet cleaning is not cheap (if you’re shopping only on price, you won’t get a quality cleaning). However, regular professional cleaning will always be less expensive and less disruptive than frequently replacing your carpets.

Regular professional cleaning also helps remove soils from your carpet. Soiling accumulates in your carpet after being tracked in by foot traffic, blown around by the HVAC system, or building up by spills or pet stains. These soils make your carpet look and smell dirty. Also, over time, they degrade the integrity and structure of the carpeting. Soils can act as sandpaper in the backing of your carpeting. As foot traffic grinds the soils into the carpeting, those same soils will start to grind away at the structure in the backing, creating tears, wear, and general ugliness.

If you want your carpet to continue looking and smelling good for years to come, professional cleaning is essential.

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