Tile & Grout Cleaning Orange County CA

Tile & Grout Cleaning Orange County CA


When looking for tile cleaning, its good to know mexican-pavers-before-and-afterabout grout first. Grout cleaning is not the same for each type of tile.  Travertine tile for example is polished to a particular shine level, and you want to exercise caution when cleaning grout between travertine tile as for one thing, it sometimes permeates into the tile, and for another, a lot of the cleaning methods employed for cleaning grout can damage the finish of the Travertine.

For grout and Travertine, alkaline cleaner works best as it will be non-reactive to both the grout as well as the Travertine. When using alkaline cleaner, mix with hot water, and be careful in applying it to the tile. You don’t want the water to sit too long because of the damage that moisture can cause to Travertine.

Tile & Grout Cleaning In Beach Areas

tile-grout-cleaning-Pacific-carpetTerrazzo tile cleaning and restoration usually involves a sealer that is fairly thick, roughly the consistency of peanut butter. You either want to get grout cleaning in Newport done, or make sure you use a cleaning solution that is especially formulated for both terrazo and grout. When in doubt, check the label. If it’s not pH neutral (-7), it’s best not to use it. A good way to tell is to test the smallest amount of cleaning solution possible in a small area to see if your grout and tile reacts to it. Concrete tile can also benefit from Newport grout cleaning, because it is another composite material such as terrazzo. As long as the cleaning solution you’re using is not acidic, you can use it on marble tile as well. Again, use a pH neutral cleaning solution.

Ceramic tile cleaning is best accomplished using high alkaline and/or acidic type tile cleaners that are designed for the job.  Not just any acid cleaner will do and some acids will damage ceramic and porcelain finishes.  After a thoroughly cleaning the tile and grout, rinsing the surface of residue is important for best results.

Whatever cleaning solution you may use, there are basic steps you should follow to clean your tile and grout. First off, thoroughly sweep or vacuum your flooring to remove any loose debris. When you’re spraying your cleaning solution, spray it directly on the dirty area, and avoid over-spraying. Use a stiff nylon brush or a sponge that’s non-abrasive. Wipe up the cleaning solution with a clean sponge, mop, or dry towel. Rinse with clean water, then reseal the cleaned area or have a Orange County tile cleaning company seal it for you.

Cleaning Grout and Tile is a Snap

You just need to know the type of tile you have, know what type of cleaners work on both the tile and your grout, and follow the proper cleaning procedure. That way, you’ll be keeping up the investment in your flooring. To be 100% sure you’re doing the right thing, call a tile cleaning company in Newport to do it for you.



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