Tile & Grout Cleaning & Restoration – Orange County CA

Tile & Grout Cleaning & Restoration – Orange County CA
Tile and grout restoration

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It is our grout and tile restoration process that makes Orange County  Tile Cleaning an industry leader in the field of tile floor restoration. If you’ve got grout joints that look shabby or looking below par, they may be reconditioned back to their original color or perhaps be given a brand new look as well as being sealed to become stain proof, not merely stain resistant.

Since grout is primarily made of sand, it is highly absorbent. However, if tea, orange juice, or any other liquid makes contact with grout, the grout will absorb the stain. With our unique and specialized color sealing processes, the grout color is locked in and spills and troublesome stains are kept out.

Change Your Grout Color Easily and Quickly


What if you just don’t like your previous grout color? Well, an alternative solution that’s accessible to you is to change the color of your grout without removing it. Simply changing your grout color can have a powerful effect on a room as well. With color sealing, your old tile can look like you remodeled without removing any of your existing tile.

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Think about it, lower cost, little to no upheaval, and no hassle about replacing your tile. Something to think about is that color sealing is not just for old floors, it works wonders on new tile projects too.

Color Sealing New Grout – Orange County


New grout is more ‘thirsty’ than old grout is. Which means that it is extremely absorbent}. Any spills or moisture on the grout will immediately soak into the grout-often times leaving a permanent stain. discolor or darken your grout. Color sealing new grout is the best option if you want a tile floor that looks clean and stays that way with normal maintenance. The stain proofing protection grout color sealing provides goes way beyond the protection of any other type of grout sealer or restoration product.

At Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning & Restoration, we’ve all of the skills and expertise to provide you on the best alternatives for your tile and grout restoration needs. Call now so we can provide you a comprehensive floor restoration analysis and quote. 99% of projects are completed the same day.

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