Travertine Floor Polishing – Orange County CA

Travertine Floor Polishing – Orange County CA


Travertine Polishing Services :

  Do you have or want polished travertine? Whatever your needs are Pacific Floor Restoration in Newport has the training and experience you need to polish your travertine. At Pacific Floors we use state-of-the-art Diamond pads and specially formulated compounds. With these two components we can achieve a highly polished surface with a great deal of clarity.

Travertine polishing processes can be very controversial because there’s a lot of different ways to travertine marble and every contractor uses a different technique.  What technique is the best, and who can I trust? I’m going to address a few of the different ways you can polish a travertine because there is so many that I cannot address them all.

The most popular one is acid polishing with steel wool most commonly known as crystallization or vitrification. This process is not recommended by Pacific Floor Restoration for the reasons in the video on the homepage.

Another populur travertine polishing process is diamond polishing. Diamond polishing which is basically running a very fine grit diamond with water until you receive the desired polish. this alone is not recommended by Pacific Floor Restoration because we can achieve a much better result with our technology.

Another popular system for polishing travertine is with polishing powders, pastes, or diamond pads. These past and powder are very complex with alot of different components but to simplify it, these powders are very abrasive and acidic and when used right they can give good results. This alone is not recommended by Pacific Floor Restoration because we feel that we can achieve a better result with our technology.

At Pacific Floor Restoration we are trained to be able to polish with all the above techniques, and technologies. Now with that said we recommend using a combination of diamond polishing, and powder polishing because we have developed a powder that works with diamond polishing. We don’t feel that one polish gives all the benifits that we can give.

  How to Polish Travertine

To polish travertine you must start off with a Clean floor. The next step would be to evaluate the travertine to see how badly the floor is scratched etched or how healthy the floor is so we can determine how deep you must go with your diamonds typically most floors will start off with a #400 diamond and then proceed with the next steps #600-#800-#1800-#3000-#6000 diamonds (Every system is different this is just a generic example). After running all your diamonds you can start with your polish if more shine is desired. After cleaning, grinding, and polishing is done then you will need to seal the floor with a penetrating sealer to complete the job.

Polished Travertine pros & cons

Pros and cons to having your travertine polished. Lets start with the pros first. With a polished travertine we can use more hardener in our water solution when grinding the floor with our diamonds, which all travertine floors could use because of how soft the stone is. So basically because we are polishing your stone we can make the surface harder, and make it more scratch resistant. Polishing will also bring out the natural colors in the tile and act as an enhancer.

There are a few cons as well. Because your floor has such high shine everything is noticeable like holes, dirt, and worn areas. The floor will be harder so it wont scratch as easily, but you will notice it more.

This is a personal preference and the amount of shine can also be determined by you and your Pacific Floors Representative. Give Pacific Floor Restoration a call to polish your floor.}} else {

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