We are asked all the time, which is better, dry cleaning carpets or hot water extraction cleaning of carpets?The answer to this question depends on the type of carpet fiber being cleaned and the level of carpet restoration needed to return to a clean healthy carpet.Truck mounted hot water extraction is a restorative carpet cleaning process. Encapsulating dry foam carpet cleaning is a maintenance carpet cleaning system. These two cleaning method used together are the most cost effective way to always have clean carpets.When a carpet looks dirty it is very dirty.

Millions of dollars have been spent on research to create carpet fibers that hide dirt as long as possible. Carpets should be cleaned not because they look dirty but because regular cleaning of your carpet is like changing the oil in your car. It removes the abrasive that wear the fibers causing the carpet to dull out.Residential carpets that are visibly soiled or stained should be cleaned with the truck mounted hot water extraction method. This is a restorative carpet cleaning method and is the most thorough and costly type of cleaning.Encapsulating dry foam carpet cleaning is a maintenance cleaning process that is faster and thus less expensive then hot water extraction cleaning. Most commercial carpets respond better to the encapsulating dry foam carpet cleaning process then to the truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning.It is possible to never have dirty carpets again. With the right maintenance your carpets can stay clean all the time cost effectively.The first step is to get the carpets as clean as possible and then protected with a very good protector like Scotch Guard or Dupont Teflon.

The Floor Cleaning Experts full restoration carpet cleaning is a 12 step process following the standards set by the IICRC. Pre-Inspection, pre-vacuum, furniture moving, pre-condition&spot treatments, Pre-grooming, truck mount extraction, neutralize, post spot treatments, Teflon carpet protector, speed dry, post groom, and post inspection. We offer this complete service for one price with no additional charges. This will get the carpet as clean as it can get.Once the carpet has been restored to a clean and healthy state it can be kept there by servicing your vacuum and using it regularly. Vacuuming regularly with a clean strong vacuum is the best way to keep damaging abrasive dirt from building up in your carpets.Encapsulating dry foam carpet cleaning is a great way to keep your carpets clean after they have been restored. Dry foam cleaning is very efficient and effective when combined with regular vacuuming with a well serviced strong vacuum cleaner.The encapsulating detergent absorb the dirt and detergent residue and then drys to a hard brittle crystal when it drys. This crystal shatters under traffic and vacuuming and the dirt and detergent residue are removed with the vacuum. Dry foam cleaning is fast and less then half the price of hot water extraction cleaning but is a maintenance cleaning process so it needs to be done regularly with the frequency depending on the carpets traffic. This is the system we use at Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning of Orange County, CA.

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