Tubs and Showers Grout Solutions, Orange County, CA

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Tubs and Showers Grout Solutions, Orange County, CARe-grouting: “Nothing shows the put on of a house more than dirty or discolored grout.” Grout joints will commonly start to deteriorate and discolor within the tub or shower area more than a time frame though your tiles themselves could preserve their original beauty and shine. Our course of action of grout removal and replacement will give you that “new” look at a fraction on the price of replacement. The job is performed in a single day without the hassle of removal and installation; you’ll have full use of the shower again within 48 hours.Caulking: New caulking about the tub and or shower edges supplies that clean appear you’ve got been trying to obtain. Nothing at all appears to gross us out greater than that black caulking we see each time we shower. After we reduce out your moldy caulking, we are going to also treat that stubborn reappearing mold, mildew and fungus in the source. Our environmentally friendly solutions are created particularly for wet locations and present a superior seal and appearance. Shower is ready to work with in 24 hours.Water Damage: Batman has The Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor and your Shower’s Tile and Grout has an evil villain also, Water Harm. When water harm strikes, contact Pacificc to save the day. We will replace your rotted backerboard, get rid of mold, re-use your tile and save you the expense of re-tiling the entire shower!Shower Tile Cleaning and Repair – only $89 to $159 – Pacific of Orange County Specialist are experts in the Los Angeles location in removing mold from your shower walls and restoring your tile and grout back to a like new situation. We’ve been cleaning showers with tile and grout, Travertine, marble and slate for more than 25 years. No matter what kind of tile or stone, we are able to deal with it.

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