Upholstery Cleaning – Orange County CA

Upholstery Cleaning – Orange County CA



Pacific Carpet & Tile  Cleaning offers upholstery cleaning services for customers in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. Our services include cleaning and deodorizing upholstery. We can clean a wide variety of fabrics and chairs, however if the technicians feel that a certain fabric may yield complications they may refrain from cleaning. Please have us come out and take a look for best results. We apply the same care with upholstery as we do on carpets. Our technicians are trained to properly care for your unique furniture. Based on the type of fabrics, we determine the appropriate cleaning agents and water temperature. Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning offers a variety of other cleaning services that include carpet cleaning, janitorial services, specialty floors coatings, and even water damage restoration in the Orange County, CA area.

If you are looking for upholstery cleaning in Orange County give us a call!

Upholstery Cleaning Process

Step 1: Upholstery EvaluationOne of our IICRC certified technicians will inspect upholstery to identify the type of fabric and pre-test for color fastness.  They will also note any condition that warrants special attention.  We will provide a written estimate and may require you to sign a conditional waiver for delicate fabrics with unstable dyes. There will be no surprise charges.

Step 2: Pre-Conditioning AreaOur technicians pre-treat with the appropriate detergent for your upholstery. This suspends the soil, separating it from the fabric fibers. During this process, they may also need to carefully agitate your upholstery which helps the effectiveness of this step.

Step 3: Hot Water Soil ExtractionUtilizing our high performance truck mounted system we offer the highest rate of airflow for suction and adjust the water temperature based on the type of fabric.  Our tech’s use a low moister tool (Hydra Master) this enables us to get as much dirt as possible without over wetting the fabric or having an over spraying effect enhancing drying time.

Step 4: Spot and Stain ProtectionOur technicians are trained to fight stains. Our success rate in removing most common house stains is pretty high and although we are not miracle workers we do our best effort. We also offer Scotchgard which protects your upholstery from common stains. This is applied upon request for an additional charge.

Step 5: DryingWe pride ourselves with the most advanced equipment and training in our industry. This gives us the edge that separates our service from the rest. Usually the drying time is minimal when our truck mount is used.

Call on Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Orange County CA  (949) 545-5205   www.pacificcarpetcleaning.net

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