What is Your Floor Telling Your Clients and Customers? Orange County CA

What is Your Floor Telling Your Clients and Customers?

Dirty Carpet and Furniture


Spills And Spots



Having Clean, Spotless Carpet and Furniture Announces Your

Professionalism with a Visual Bullhorn!


Commercial Carpet requires special care.  If you are leaving the care and maintenance of your carpet to a janitorial services, chances are that you are being overcharged for a substandard job.  Pacific Carpet Cleaning has specialized carpet and furniture cleaning equipment that is specifically designed to handle even the most challenging soil and staining conditions found in the commercial environment.  In addition, Pacific Carpet Cleaning’s equipment was designed and purchased to increase cleaning efficiency and results, while reducing cost.   There technicians are trained, tested, and certified by an independent third party to recognize fiber and soil conditions, proper industry procedures, and cleaning chemistry.


Properly Maintained Carpet Lasts Much, Much Longer

Boise Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Office Carpet Cleaing Boise

 Key Benefits

      • Pennies Per Square Foot – Truly Easy on the Budget
      • Easy Pre-Determined Highly Accommodating Scheduling – Including Nights and Weekends
      • Amazingly Clean Carpets and Office Furniture – ASK FOR YOUR FREE “PROVE IT” DEMONSTRATION
      • Clean carpets day-in, day-out by people who specialize in carpet and furniture maintenance
      • Cleaning with an anti-resoiling agent
      • Recurring spill stains eliminated
      • An exceptional “service experience”
      • Professional polite techniciansOffice Panel Cleaning Boise
      • Total satisfaction guaranteed
      • Productivity and profitability are enhanced in a clean building
      • A clean building promotes better health
      • Environmentally responsible cleaning is better for our planet
      • Properly maintained carpet lasts longer
      • You can see, smell & feel  the difference


We have found consistently that in most situations, there are two cleaning methods that work most effectively – high performance Commercial Hot Water Deep Extraction or “steam” Cleaning, and Pacific Encapsulation Maintenance Cleaning. Each method has distinct advantages in certain situations and can be totally inappropriate in other situations.

 Call the Office ToBoise Commercial Carpet CleaningExperience the Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Difference. 949-545-5205


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