Why Pacific For the Business and Commercial House Carpet Cleaning? Orange County


Why Pacific For your Small business and Industrial House Carpet Cleaning? Orange CountyWhy Pacific For the Business and Commercial House Carpet Cleaning? Orange CountyWhy Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning For your Business enterprise and Commercial House Carpet Cleaning? Great results. Carpets get really clean. Spots don’t reappear. Dry in 30-45 minutes. Super-convenient for you and yourcustomers/tenants/guests/employees. Chemical-free, vegetable-based, odorless cleaning solutions. Clean indoor air for everyone’s health & comfort. Our dedication to making you look as good as your carpets.Pacific has developed a unique rapid-dry, healthful process that works great in all kinds of small business premises; hotels; fitness centers; suites of offices; educational facilities; carpeted assembly and R&D buildings; function halls; theater lobbies; retail spaces; country clubs; condominium common areas-wherever people come together on carpeted floors.Commercial Carpet Cleaning Testimonials”The buildings you have serviced for us so far all look great. I plan to have Drysdale’s clean the carpeting in all of the properties we manage”.Don Cassano, House Manager, Hodan Management, Irvine CA”Our organization is very concerned about the environment. With your process, our carpets come out cleaner than they ever did before, andwithout chemicals”.Larry Glazer, Union of Concerned Scientists, Mission Viejo Ca”Very professional. Results are excellent. Keep up the good work”.Paula Modica, Modica Associates (manages condominium buildings) Irvine, CA “For the second year in a row you’ve made our carpets look great”.Elizabeth Menachary, Facility Manager, Oxfam-America, Lake Forest, CA”Thanks for keeping the carpeting in both our hotels looking great for many years”.Lloyd Torgove, owner, Days Hotel/Days Inn Hotel, Irvine CA”Thanks, Mark. I would only use your service.”Jack Sawyer, Sawyer Funeral Home, Irvine CA”You’ve done it again. The carpeting in our heavily used building looks terrific”.Bob Lawlor, Lawlor & Crosby Funeral Home, Tustin, CA”We really like the way you clean our carpeting, using only natural, odorless cleaning products”.Pash Voynow, Director, Insight Meditation Center, Irvine CA”No one has ever gotten our fund raising room so clean. Everyone drops food and drink on the carpeting while they are making phone calls for money. I know it’s not easy”.Genevieve Hammond, Manager, M.I.T. Alumni Center (Vannevar Bush Room), Irvine CA”I like that the carpets really look as if they’ve been cleaned. I also like, that with your low-water method, I no longer have managers complaining to me the morning following cleaning that the whole place is all wet. It’s totally dry”.Jim Rasmussen, Regional Facilities Manager for Orange CA, Bally Total Fitness”Thank you for getting our carpeting so clean again this year, without using those nasty industrial cleaning chemicals”.Tatiana Brainerd, Office Manager, PCG-Plus, Publishers, Irvine CA”Thanks for getting all the stains out – again. The kids really mess this place up”.Gayle Albani, Learning Tree Pre-School, Irvine CA”We have been very pleased with the overall service and reliability provided to us by Drysdale’s. They charge reasonable rates, and have been very flexible to work around our schedules. We are very pleased to recommend them to others in out industry”.Erich D. Gordon, G.M., Hampton Inn, Orange County CA”Thank you for the continued superb service. Finding vendors that consistently deliver the service that they promise is so hard to come by. Not only do I appreciate your responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism, I also think that the quality of your carpet cleaning can be surpassed by none”.Kimberly Chapman, Operations Manager, Mainspring Communications, Irvine CA”We are so grateful for Drysdale’s recent work at the theater. When you were finished, the rugs looked better than we had imagined possible. We plan to have you back periodically to keep our lovely old movie house looking sharp”.Erica Max, Managing Director, Corner Theater, Irvine CA”I commend your company’s performance as the carpet cleaning vendor for our company. Our carpet takes a beating, and in the past has never looked so good after cleanings by a succession of steam cleaners, all of whom assured us ‘steam is the only way to go’. They were wrong. Your minimum-moisture, high-scrub method has really turned everything around for us. Our carpeting now looks really good, and won’t need replacing after all”.Suzanne Peltier, Facility Manager, Imaging Technology Corp., Tustin CA”Thank you for your continuing outstanding service in cleaning our carpets. Your company’s service is of the very highest quality, and is easily the best this hotel has ever had while I have been manager”.Christopher Pastor, G.M., The Buckminster Hotel, Irvine CA”I just wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job on all the carpets here at the funeral home. The major water stain you worked on came out fantastic. I cannot even tell where it began or ended”John B. Douglass ll, Director, Douglass Funeral Home, Aliso Viejo CA”Thank you for the excellent service that Drysdale’s has provided in cleaning our rugs. They have not looked this good in years. I appreciate your professionalism, as well as your understanding of the nature of our organization. Love your dry cleaning system”.Sheila Hickey, Director, Wm. T. Hickey & Son Funeral Home, Tustin CA”Let me congratulate you on the unique dry carpet cleaning system you have devised, and which you have used these past several years to clean our office carpeting. You are able to remove an entire winter’s grime, and bring out our carpet’s original color as well. In doing this so consistently, you have saved us the need to purchase all new replacement carpeting for the foreseeable future”.Lee A. Heiler Jr., CPA, Irvine CA”Drysdale’s really gets the job done in this heavily trafficked industrial building”.Maureen Petrosky, Inoquest, Irvine CA”I really can’t say enough about Drysdale’s carpet cleaning method. Our carpets really do look brighter, and they are dry in almost no time”Don Kerr, Chief Engineer, Charles River Country Club, Tustin CA”We really find this to be a superior method of cleaning heavily used carpeting, in both our function areas as well as in the locker rooms. In the past I think I’vd tried everything. Now I’m sticking with Drysdale’s”.Chris Riley, Club Manager, Thomson Country Club, Irvine CA”Pacific really blows the other guys away. For just one example, we had a major spill of about a pound of melted butter in the middle of our dining room carpet for a few years. No one we used before could make a dent in it. Alex at Pacific got rid of it in just a few minutes, pointing out that it was his use of an encapsulating cleaning product that enabled him to remove it. I like guys who stay ahead of the curve”.Leo Marion, owner, Irvine CA

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