Professional Carpet Cleaner Or Do It Yourself? Orange County CA

If your carpet is at the point that vacuuming no longer seems to be producing a proper clean, then it may be time to consider carpet cleaning. You can either do it yourself, by renting a machine or you can hire a professional carpet cleaner. This article discusses the pro and cons of these two options.

If you decide to clean your carpets yourself, you will need to rent a machine to do the job. Some machines include the chemicals needed, whereas others require you to purchase the chemicals separately. From there you will also need to get the machine home, read the instructions and set up the machine correctly before you actually clean anything at all.

A professional carpet cleaner will have a cleaning machine that is generally more effective then the ones that you hire from department stores. They also know how to use their machines effectively, which means the cleaning is done much quicker.

Another positive for professional carpet cleaners is the fact that they are trained in their field. They know from inspecting your carpet, exactly what it is made of and therefore the correct cleaning method for it. They are also trained in stain removal, so the chances of them being able to remove even the
most ingrained stains is much higher.

Other advantages for cleaning your carpets yourself, are that your own standards will be met. Sometimes home owners standards are higher than the people we employ to fix things in our homes. Also, when moving furniture around you will probably take a bit more care than a service person may.

From a price perspective, the amount you spend either way may actually be very similar. The carpet cleaning market is competitive and there are plenty of companies out there, stopping prices for carpet cleaning from becoming out of reach for the average home owner. By the time you drive to the shops, hire the machine and buy the detergent you may just have spent about the same as you would have if you had hired someone. It is only when there are extras involved that hiring a professional carpet cleaner might cost more than doing it yourself.

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