Cubicle Office Cleaning in Orange County CA

Cubicle Office Cleaning in Orange County CA

Cubicle Walls cleaning services

Cubicles are now the most preferred type of workstations in most offices as they Cubicle Office Cleaning in Orange County CAaccommodate more workers within the limited available office space. Used cubicles typically have partitions creating little spaces of individual workstations where people perform a multitude of functions throughout the day.

Cubicle partitions are typically made of fabric similar to those used in the upholstery in your home and attract copious amounts of dust and germs throughout the year making them unhygienic. It is therefore important for you to clean out your cubicles from time to time.

Tips to Clean Used Cubicle Walls Frequently

A disorganized cubicle projects you as a shoddy, muddled worker and also hampers your productivity as you waste precious time hunting for articles and important papers. It is good to dry clean your workstation and the surrounding cube panels at least once a month.

Clean your cubicle walls of all clutter. Arrange loose paper, memos, stationery and notes hanging on them into piles and store them in separate plastic folders.

Remove other items like planners, calendars, photographs or wall hangings and wipe the surface with a clean cloth to remove dust.

Shift all movable furniture to create space so that you can clean all the nooks and corners of the cubicle walls, especially under your desk.

Vacuum clean the panels to remove accumulated dust and soot. Attach a gadget with a flat head on the hose of your vacuum cleaner and gently sweep the walls. Start at the top and slowly move downwards, collecting all the dust, grime and soot entrenched deeply in the fabric of the panels.

If your panels are soiled with oil or grease stains, use a mild solvent or fabric stain cleaner to do spot cleaning of the area. You can use either a solvent-based cleaner or a water-based cleaner but before cleaning any area, do a test cleaning to ensure that the fabric or color is not damaged by the detergent.

Clean your Walls Thoroughly

Once a year, you need to clean your cubicle panels thoroughly with a liquid detergent and a brush or a sponge.

Remove all furniture and clutter to expose the full length of the walls. Brush gently with a medium bristled nylon brush to remove all apparent dry dirt and grime.

Add about one-fourth of mild laundry detergent to a quart of lukewarm water. Blend thoroughly to work up suds. Use only these, and not the soap solution itself, to clean your cube panels.

Collect some suds in a brush or wet sponge to gently rub the panels in a circular motion. Start from the top of the panels and move down as you clean.

Wipe with a wet squeezed towel to remove the soap and leave to dry.

Before using any detergent, read the label carefully and do a test cleaning on a small patch to ensure that it is compatible with the fabric and color of the panels. Cubicle Walls.



This sounds like a lot of work and yes, if you have multiple workstations, it is hard work.

We at NEWPORT Cubicles provide Cubicle Workstation Cleaning at an affordable price.

We have the proper tools and chemicals do to the job right.

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