Tile and Grout Cleaning – Orange County CA

Tile and Grout Cleaning – Orange County CA

From bathrooms to kitchens, entryways, patios and more, Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaningtile and grout cleaning in Newport beach ca provides tile and grout cleaning services to make any room shine. Whether you have old tile that needs a thorough cleaning, inclement weather has ruined the surface, dirt and dust have accumulated or stains have ruined the color, our cleaners will clean and polish your tile to restore them to their original shine. Using careful chemical combinations and deep cleaning equipment, we remove all dirt and stains from your tile surfaces and leave a renewed and sparkling clean. Whether you need a small touch-up from a spill or you need a complete overhaul from water damage or other stains, we can help restore your tile completely. Our cleaning experts work carefully to maintain the integrity and beauty of your tile as well as every other surface around your home. We leave the area sparkling clean for you to enjoy, with tile that appears brand new.

Tile looks beautiful when it is installed, giving you an elegantly colored, marbled surface that adds luxury and distinction to the room. You may use tile to elevate the look of your kitchen or your bathroom, make a striking appearance at your foyer or entryway, or even around your bedroom. Tile can be an expensive investment that helps to bring the room together, but dirt and stains can quickly ruin this beautiful surface. Sticky spills in the kitchen often get caught in grout and stuck in corners, nail polish and toothpaste makes streaks on bathroom tiles and water damage, mold and dirt accumulate fast outside or in basements. These and other difficult stains detract from the elegance of your tile and dealing with them yourself can be frustrating. The color never seems to completely come back and household cleaners can leave bleached or discolored spots. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning provides a comprehensive and thorough clean that won’t damage your expensive tile surfaces, and instead leaves them bright and glowing. The color you loved when you placed the tile shines through again, or the rich ivory color that you wanted from the start. You can renew the original appearance of your tile and revitalize the design you first fell in love with and enjoy a restored look throughout your floors. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning cleans tile surfaces quickly and affordable to preserve your investment.

When disaster strikes and flooding brings in mud, dirt and debris across the tile in your home, it can seem impossible to get clean. Water damage is a hassle to deal with and many homeowners are preoccupied with other problems from flooding. Let Pacific Carpet and Tile take care of the mold, dirt and debris across your tile floors and get the repairs off to a great start. The water damage will disappear like the flood never happened, leaving all tile and grout intact. If you have recently purchased a home that shows sign of water damage, or if the tile in the room is hidden from dust, dirt and neglect, clean it up with expert cleaning service from Pacific Carpet and Tile. Clean tile can add hundreds of dollars in value to your or, if you are selling your home, showcase new potential to prospective buyers. Tile cleaning services are fast and easy, taking only a few hours to transform your home.

Whether you have newly installed tiles have suffered stains or water damage, or you have older tiles you are concerned about preserving, Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning will clean your tile surfaces carefully and completely. We never damage or discolor tiles and use gentle yet effective cleaning solutions and equipment to make sure the textures, color and integrity of your tiles stay intact. Even if stains have been there for years and you have tried everything to remove the damage, we can help restore the discoloration on your tile and remove the distraction from the room.

As oil, dirt, grease, dust and sand build up around your tiles they scratch the surface and wear them down. Cleaning your tiles not only renews their beauty, but also prolongs the life of your tile. The smooth, clean surface will feel great underneath your feet again, whether you have tile in the bathroom, the kitchen, the entryway or anywhere. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning uses high-pressure steam cleaning to break up layers of dirt, film and mildew, where they can be wiped away. Steam cleaning gets into the most difficult areas, into grout, cracks, corners and crevices so your tile is completely clean and dirt has nowhere to hide.

Make an appointment to have your tile surfaces cleaned anywhere in your home or office. Take a look at the steam cleaning and carpet cleaning specials to get deep cleaning for your whole home, or ask about spot treatments for smaller areas. Call today to make an appointment and get your tile sparkling clean.

***All grout is not the same so results may vary depending on how the grout was taken care of in the first place. Grout is a pouris material that soaks up stuff from dirt to spills. If your grout was not sealed when it was first put down it is possible that your grout has soaked up particles that you have brought in from outside the home or have spilled on it. So it is possible that the grout wont be the same as when it was first put down but it will get a lot cleaner. Companies that promise to get grout back to new cannot guarantee that unless they re-grout your floor or paint over it. It is possible to get back to looking new or close to it if you have had your grout sealed after it has been cleaned or laid down and you didn’t damage the sealer do to harsh chemicals. Please call us if you have any questions.

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