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There is perhaps no greater carpet emergency than a pet stain. That’s because the stains threaten your carpets in more than one way. First, there is the physical stain and the smell to deal with, which is significant enough. However, if you are unable to completely remove that stain, chances are your pet will return to that exact spot. Follow these guidelines to handle pet stains in your carpeting

Locating the stain.

This is not always as simple and easy as you think. Certainly, if the stain is fresh, there’s no mistaking it. But you won’t always be dealing with a fresh stain, and if you don’t clean up the entire pet stain, for example, repeat accidents are a major danger because the remaining scent will attract the pet to that exact spot. Don’t trust that you can see the entirety of a dried stain. Instead, experts recommend you use a black light, available at home supply stores, to fully identify the scope of the stain.

Cleaning a fresh stain.

The goal is to pick up the stain without allowing it to sink down into the carpet and drying into the carpet padding. Experts recommend first laying down a thick layer of paper towels directly on the stain and then covering that with a layer of newspaper. It’s also a good idea to put newspaper under the stained area. The next step involves some patience: stand on this padded area for a couple of minutes. Repeat the process until the carpeting is as dry as possible. Don’t put down a neutralizing cleaner or powdered deodorizers directly onto a wet stain. Instead, a mixture of white vinegar and water will act to both clean and deodorize the spill once most of the stain has been removed.

Cleaning a dry stain.

Do not hesitate to use a black light to be sure you can identify the full extent of the stain before beginning. Cleaning 90 percent of the stain isn’t good enough, and the black light will clearly show the full extent of the stain. Many experts recommend a cleaning solution with 50 percent white vinegar and 50 percent water. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of liquid and to also use a scrub brush to work this solution into the carpet fibers. You may want to consider a solution involving a half cup of hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of baking soda. If so, make sure to carefully choose the hydrogen peroxide so that it is 3 percent or less pure.

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