Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, Newport Beach

After we clean them you’ll be delighted with how
Clean, Fresh & Bright® your rugs will look!

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, Newport Beach

Pacific Area Cleaning  In-Plant Cleaning
Your rug is individually inspected and tested to determine the proper cleaning method required. Our unique technology removes the everyday soil, occasional spills, spots, dust, unhealthy allergens, even insect larvae that penetrate deep into its fibers.

Only with Pacific’s in-plant cleaning on both sides can we reach all stubborn stains, ground in dirt and contaminants. Your rug will be thoroughly cleaned throughout – not just on its surface. After cleaning your rug is placed in our temperature and humidity controlled finishing room to add a final, important touch.

Unable to bring your rugs in? No problem – we’ll pick up and deliver them back Clean, Fresh and Bright and if you would like we will roll and spread them for you on delivery.

Fragile Oriental Rugs Our Specialty
For rugs or tapestries that have sensitive dyes, are very old or fragile, we have developed special, highly-skilled hand-cleaning methods
to restore their natural beauty.

Cleaner and Greener Logo

You’ll be happy to know that the cleaning formulas we’ve developed over the years are not only extremely gentle and effective, but environmentally friendly as well .

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