Keeping your building clean and your landscaping well cared for is a very important part of what customers think when they come to your place of business. Impress your customers by having a clean parking structure.

Garage powerwasing

When you think about a parking garage you tend to only think of cars, but with cars come lots of foot traffic. Oil, gum, tire marks, dirt, grime, spilled food and drink can all make your parking garage a mess. Our parking garage cleaning service uses state of the art hot water pressure washing equipment and the proper environmentally friendly cleaning agents to handle this tough job – including the walls of the parking structure if needed. Our technicians are highly trained in the latest techniques to ensure the best possible results. We also have water reclamation recovery equipment to adhere to environmental codes as needed.

Call PACIFIC today at 949 545-5205 and let us discuss with you your pressure washing needs. We would be happy to meet you on-site to assess the areas we can help you with. If your parking garage is in need of pressure washing, this might be a good time to think about adding some other services like an exterior building wash as we can save you money by bundling the services while we are already at your property.

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