You’ve got a wonderful restaurant with great food. You take pride in a

Newport Beaches best power washing services

Newport Beaches best power washing services

clean kitchen, proper food preparation and excellent customer service. It’s just as important to keep the outside clean as it is on the inside. When customers arrive at your restaurant, what do they see? Is the building, sidewalks, entryways and patio, etc. also clean and inviting or is the appearance such that your potential customers might worry about what the inside is going to be like and, more importantly, how clean is the kitchen and how safe is the food to eat? The appearance of these and other restaurant areas such as parking lots, trash areas and loading docks are vital to the overall impression you give to your customers. We specialize in providing restaurant owners and property managers with regular property maintenance so that your exterior concrete areas are clean and your customers keep coming back for more.

Pacific Pressure Washing are highly trained in the use of professional hot water pressure washing equipment with adjustable pressure when cleaning concrete and removing stains and gum from sidewalks. Gum must be melted and removed safely without damage (etching) to the concrete. We use only environmentally safe cleaning agents and the latest techniques to ensure the best results possible. We are also water reclamation trained and certified through UAMCC as we adhere to all federal, state and local mandates and restrictions.

Give us a call today to discuss your pressure washing needs. We are here to help our Los Angeles customers in any way we can. We are happy to visit your site and give recommendations and free estimates for monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or a onetime service. You have a choice when it comes to employing a professional pressure washing company – we want to be your #1 choice and if you give us the opportunity, we are sure you will be happy with that choice.

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