We provide professional Mexican tile cleaning, Mexican tile            polishing & sealing services in the home or business.     Terracotta cleaning, sealing and polishing services in the    Newport Beach and surrounding cities.

Our Mexican tile cleaning & Mexican tile polishing services will varydepending on the condition & needs of your floor. Stripping Mexican tile orterracotta stripping is not always necessary and is very labor intensive if itis done properly. Having to strip is rare and scrubbing is usually what isneeded. Stripping Mexican tile or terracotta tiles, due to the intensivelabor, time & hazardous chemicals comes at a high cost to you. It is doneeach and every tile and grout line one by one by hand. Acid is used by manyother companies. This will change the color of the Mexican tile or terracotta and damage the surface of your floor.  Most of the time a professional cleaning of Mexican tile, sealing & polishingMexican tile is all that is necessary to give your floor a great appearance.Terracotta cleaning & terracotta polishing as well.If Mexican tile stripping is absolutely necessary, we will let you know.We clean Mexican tile, re-seal and polish Mexican tile or terracotta with aminimum of  ( 4 ) coats of a low shine or high shine wet look finish. Exteriortile a low shine polyurethane or a penetrating sealer is used due to slipperyconditions and can only be done in dry weather conditions. Whether youhave Mexican saltillo tile, Spanish terracotta or Italian terracotta tile, we willprovide the cleaning & polishing service that is right for you.

Free Estimates & reliable service.

The services we provide are:- Saltillo Mexican tile cleaning .- Saltillo Mexican tile polishing.- Sealing Mexican tile.- Sealing terracotta tile floors.- Terracotta cleaning.- Terracotta tile polishing.- Mexican tile refinishing.- Interior & exterior service.- Residential & commercial service.* NO hidden charges!!!



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