The Tile and Grout Cleaning Process, Orange County, CA

People install tiles on their property because this material is considered easy to clean and manage. It’s durable, comes in a number of designs and colors, and are quite resistant to water and moisture. That’s one of the reasons why tiles are often found bathrooms and kitchens but this material isn’t invulnerable.
If the surface isn’t cleaned and maintained well, it can cause a number of problems. Tile and grout cleaning is easy, though the chore can be time consuming. If you can’t find the time to do it yourself, you can easily hire a professional to handle the task.
What’s Involved in the Tile and Grout Cleaning Process?
• Inspection – It’s important to assess the condition of the grout and tiles before you try to clean them. If the grout is too dirty and has developed mold, you might need to replace it entirely to eliminate the problem. However, if the stains are only in the surface, regular cleaning methods will suffice.
• Cleaning – Once the inspection is done, an expert will determine the proper cleaning method and might even remove the surface layer of the grout before they proceed. Some experts will use modern tools like high-pressure water devices and heavy-duty vacuums to carry out deep tile and grout cleaning. This method is very effective if the dirt hasn’t penetrated too deep into the surface and will make your tiles look as good as new.
• Sealing – After the surface is cleaned, an expert will apply a coat of sealant or other such solution to protect the grout and tile surface from further damage and keep it sanitary. If this sealant isn’t applied, your grout will deteriorate quicker and you’ll be forced to clean or replace it more often.
Why Should You Get it Professionally Cleaned?
Tile is a relatively impregnable surface but the grout around it is porous and difficult to clean. While regular dusting and mopping will remove the topmost layer of dirt and grime from your tiles, it will do nothing for the debris that sink into the grout and cause problems.
Eventually, all the dirt and stains will sink in and cause discoloration. The only way to avoid this is to get professional deep cleaning done. This process will ensure your grout and tiles look clean and new.

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