Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting takes a lot of abuse – high traffic areas and constant use can leave your business’s carpets dirty and stained. Dirty carpeting can leave a negative impression on your employees, clients, and prospects. Our onsite commercial carpet cleaning services have been built around providing efficient service that will leave your facilities’ carpets clean and beautiful without impacting your day-to-day operations.

We help businesses throughout Southern California and Newport Beach and Costal Area to stay focused on their work and not their carpets. Our team of certified carpet cleaning technicians have been trained not just in the process of cleaning carpets, but also in professionalism.


Replacing your office’s carpeting is expensive, time consuming and disruptive. Don’t replace your carpets, deep clean them instead. Our in-depth commercial carpet cleaning process will leave your carpets revitalized and looking like new, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.


Our in-depth commercial carpet cleaning process will leave your office flooring looking fresh and clean.

  • Walk-off mats and corner guards are put into place to protect your office furnishings
  • All carpets are vacuumed with high powered, yet quiet commercial vacuum cleaners
  • Desks and other furnishings are moved on slidders to protect textiles from damage
  • Carpets are pre-conditioned
  • Carpets are agitated with carpet rakes to loosen deep down dirt
  • Carpets are cleaned and extracted with steaming hot water and cleaning solutions
  • Stubborn stains are retreated and removed
  • Carpets are dried using our Power Dry Carpet-Airpath Technology – cutting typical drying times in half


Call us today for a free estimate on having your office carpets cleaned. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. (949) 545-5205

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