Why is Professional Carpet Cleaning So Expensive?


Why is Professional Carpet Cleaning So Expensive?

Pricing increases hit every industry, and carpet cleaners are affected by these changes, too. Rising costs of fuel, insurance, equipment, and cleaning solutions have to be factored into the pricing of cleaning carpets. Although professional carpet cleaners have been diligent in keeping prices low, there are changes in the economy that will have a definite impact, and health insurance is a major reason.

Why are insurance companies raising their rates? The federal government set a limit on profits that insurance companies can make on health insurances. No individual or business can survive by spending more than they are earning. This limitation has placed some insurance companies on the brink of collapse if they can’t operate at a profit. Therefore these insurance companies that are squeezed on their health coverage, have to raise rates on their other coverage such as liability.

Good professional carpet cleaners carry liability insurance to protect the customers being serviced. They also carry health insurance for employees, and business insurance to cover their equipment and vehicles. Most of these insurances have increased this year as much as 50 to 90 percent.

The chemicals and solvents used in the cleaning process are manufactured with certain guarantees and warranties. The chemical companies have to carry insurance on these products to protect themselves from liability and their insurance increases are passed along to the carpet cleaners who are buyers of these products.

It is easy to see the snowball effect as each business has to charge more to cover the increased costs they are paying. As this is passed on, the final consumer is hit with a much larger cost for a product or service in order for our country to obtain something close to universal healthcare.

Your carpet cleaning professional is working hard to make sure you have the best quality service at the lowest possible price. With these regulations passed by lawmakers in Washington, D.C., it is becoming a constant burden for all businesses to make enough profits just to feed their own families and cover their expensive costs.

Professional carpet cleaning companies have to provide efficient equipment and use the best cleaning solutions on the market, so cutting costs here is not an option when a reputation for quality is at stake. You know who cleans your carpets best and you can help control their costs by doing a few simple things. Keep their advertising costs down by telling your friends and acquaintances about your favorite professional cleaner. Make sure you are ready when your carpet cleaner arrives to do a carpet cleaning. Traveling to a site and finding the customer has forgotten about the appointment and is not available is not cost effective for your cleaner. Try to schedule a cleaning well ahead of time so that the cleaner can plan other appointments in the same area to lessen fuel costs and traveling time. It is a good idea to tell a neighbor about your cleaning day and suggest they have their home cleaned the same day.

No one wants to raise prices, but staying in business and performing a needed, quality driven service is what good professional carpet cleaners are all about. With everyone challenged with higher costs, it is everyone’s’ responsibility to help try and keep costs down by utilizing smart consumer and business practices.


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